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Bendigo’s most friendly and trendy hair and beauty salon

Hair, body, face, nails

Hair Colour
Hair, body, face and nails, we handle it all with our own special brand of care and expertise here at The Hair and Beauty Shop of Bendigo.

We’re a Bendigo business run by Bendigo people, so we’re free to put all of our focus on you. 

Service with a smile

Personal service and advice
Whether you need a new hairstyle, or want to sit back and relax with a soothing beauty treatment, our caring hairdressers and beauticians are here to help. We simply help you to look and feel fantastic, and we do it with a smile. Our people are all experienced and caring beauticians who genuinely love what they do, and that certainly reflects on the service we provide.

Sit back and relax

Personal service and advice
On the subject of relaxation, we can tell you that nothing shakes the stress off like a spin in one of our massage chairs.

While the good vibrations wash your troubles away, you can also be safe in the knowledge that every single product we stock is made from 100% natural ingredients. We’re also particularly proud to be a DeLorenzo hair care stockist. 

After-hours service

hair styling
It’s fun telling you all this, but we’d love for you to see it for yourself. Call 03 5442 8314 today to book your appointment.

We also provide an after-hours service so pop in after a busy day at work!

We’ll make you the promise right now that you’ll always feel welcome, looked after, and completely relaxed when you’re in our care, whether you’re popping in for a quick manicure or settling down for some total hair reinvention therapy.
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